Augmenter Configuration Objects

These configuration objects are predefined in the Augmenter modules or can be defined or overriden by configuration elements in the augmenter map.

Configuration Functions

A CfgFunction class specifies a function to be used by other augmenter objects. For example, this includes procedures to be invoked by triggers used to maintain audit columns. The CfgFunctionDict class holds all the CfgFunction objects, indexed by the function name and its arguments. A CfgFunctionSource class represents the source code for a function or part of that source code. A CfgFunctionTemplate class represents the source code for a function, which may include other elements that can be substituted in the final result. The class CfgFunctionSourceDict holds all the templates currently defined.

class pyrseas.augment.function.CfgFunction(**attrs)

A configuration function definition

CfgFunction.apply(schema, trans_tbl, augdb)

Add a function to a given schema.

  • schema – name of the schema in which to create the function
  • trans_tbl – translation table
  • augdb – augmenter dictionaries
class pyrseas.augment.function.CfgFunctionDict(config)

The collection of configuration functions


Initialize the dictionary of functions by converting the input list

Parameters:infuncs – YAML list defining the functions
class pyrseas.augment.function.CfgFunctionSource(**attrs)

A configuration function source or part thereof

class pyrseas.augment.function.CfgFunctionTemplate(**attrs)

A configuration function source template

class pyrseas.augment.function.CfgFunctionSourceDict(cfg_templates)

Configuration Columns

A CfgColumn class defines a column to be added to a table by other augmenter objects. For example, this includes various columns that serve to capture audit trail information. The columns can be combined in various ways by the CfgAuditColumn objects. The CfgColumnDict class holds all the CfgColumn objects, indexed by column name.

class pyrseas.augment.column.CfgColumn(**attrs)

A configuration column definition


Add columns to the table passed in.

Parameters:table – table to which the columns will be added
class pyrseas.augment.column.CfgColumnDict(config)

The collection of configuration columns


Initialize the dictionary of columns by converting the input dict

Parameters:incols – YAML dictionary defining the columns

Configuration Triggers

A CfgTrigger class defines a trigger to be added to a table by other augmentation objects. For example, this includes triggers to maintain audit trail columns. The CfgTriggerDict class holds all the CfgTrigger objects, indexed by trigger name.

class pyrseas.augment.trigger.CfgTrigger(**attrs)

A configuration trigger definition


Create a trigger for the table passed in.

Parameters:table – table on which the trigger will be created
class pyrseas.augment.trigger.CfgTriggerDict(config)

The collection of configuration triggers


Initialize the dictionary of triggers by converting the input dict

Parameters:intrigs – YAML dictionary defining the triggers

Configuration Audit Columns

A CfgAuditColumn class defines a set of attributes (columns, triggers) to be added to a table. The CfgAuditColumnDict class holds all the CfgAuditColumn objects, indexed by augmentation name.

class pyrseas.augment.audit.CfgAuditColumn(**attrs)

An augmentation that adds automatically maintained audit columns

CfgAuditColumn.apply(table, augdb)

Apply audit columns to argument table.

  • table – table to which columns/triggers will be added
  • augdb – augment dictionaries
class pyrseas.augment.audit.CfgAuditColumnDict(config)

The collection of audit column augmentations


Initalize the dictionary of functions by converting the input map

Parameters:inaudcols – YAML map defining the audit column configuration